Risky Business

From Jay Lake:

“I don’t believe for a moment that vaccination protestors or SUV drivers are making choices with the intent of being deliberately destructive to others. I’m just noodling with the idea of how risk is transferred by these choices, rather than reduced or eliminated. Is it a social good that these risks get moved from one population to another, where the population experiencing the increased risk has no say in the matter?”

The Old Adage

Don’t worry, it didn’t come out of my wrists or anything.

New piece coming up on SIX SENTENCES in about 10 days. After that, hopefully some paying work.

Does Anybody Really Care? (About Time)

No one gives writing time…. Each and every one of us has to take it, forcibly if necessary, by wile, bribery, any method that works. You have to take the time, to weigh it against whatever else is happening, to give it up somewhere else, sacrifice time for other people, time for movies, time for television, fun, games, partying, sleep, or something. There is always some time every day to set aside and declare one’s own, but it requires a lot of self-discipline to seize it and keep it.

-Kate Wilhelm, STORYTELLER

Damn straight.