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Pretty, Fizzy Paradise: For Want of a Hero…

But the thing is. Anti-heroes don’t mean anything without a heroic presence to offset them. There needs to be a voice of conventional, approachable, relatable morality to make the counterbalance and contrast mean something. There needs to be a hero.

Again, thinking back to the one story anyone’s bought so far (I won’t link it, because it’s depressing that I’m the only reason the link pops up on my Technorati watch list anymore) which features an anti-hero of sorts, there is another character who provides that conventional, approachable, relatable morality.

This is also the reason, I believe, that a current project I’m working on is flailing right now. The main character is an anti-hero surrounded by scum. And I’m running–actually, the main character is running–into this wall…

An anti-hero doesn’t have to make the tough decisions, to choose their heart’s desire over an innocent child’s life, for example. Anti-heroes CAN’T make those tough decisions because once they’re faced with them, they can’t be anti-heroes anymore.

So, it’s clear what needs to be done, but how? In any case…

“The one about the regenerating assassin…”*

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4,160 / 5,000

*(This is a project title; I haven’t even been able to think up a working title yet.)