Good Reads

Back in the day, I used to post a list on the other blog of the short stories I’d read in a week and say a few words about them. I started to get worried though when I started noticing that the blog was coming up in search results for some of the more “classic” stories, Babel’s “My First Goose,” for instance. And these visitors would spend more than enough time to copy and paste, too. I’m probably paranoid, and I can’t actually say I’ve ever said anything of substance. Still, I’m sure there was at least one desparate individual out there, cramming to get a last minute extra-credit assignment done and tried to Google and doodle his way to an easy essay. Well, screw him/her.

I felt I read through a lot of stuff lately worth mentioning, so I figure there’s nothing wrong with putting a list together of stuff you should check out if you have the chance:

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