The Journey vs. the Destination

If you read some of my posts on the other blog, you’ll be able to glean that I’m a big GTD and lifehack geek. One of the areas GTD encourages you to monitor and consider on some regular basis is a list of your goals and/or direction one or two years out. The stuff that comprises “Where do you want to be in area X, this time in the next year or two?”

I had three items on a sublist in this category, six months into 2007.

  • Get a domain name, which I did yesterday.
  • Plug into a networking/support group, which I can now cross off twice over as of today.
  • Membership in the SFWA – Well, two out of three ain’t bad, especially when 1 & 2 are bound to help me do that within the next year or two.

Now my other sublist that has the item “20 pices in circulation by 12/31/07”? I’m really off track, but not horribly so. Twenty might have been unrealistic. Yet what I’ve accomplished so far puts me waaay ahead of where I was this time in 2006. The journey vs. the destination…I think I’m starting to get it now.