Dressing for the Job I Want

I finally bit the bullet and got my own hosting. Not everything survived the Blogger-to-WordPress transition, but I’m working on it. Yeah, yeah, I know. Say what you will about Blogger but the fact is, most of my life is in teh Googles and rolling a Blogger blog (tackiness and all) was more efficient. Still, this move had to happen sooner or later. As they say, “Dress for the job you want.” and the people with the jobs I want roll their own sites.

I still have a punch list of issues to work through. So far, the only two “cons” of this whole process are: (a) The random few pictures that didn’t import from my old site. I went back and manually updated the last few posts, but not any further. (b) The fact that my research led me to believe I could write posts in Markdown (my style of choice for drafting every text-related thing in life), and I can’t seem to enable the feature. Yes, the WP editor is so much better. Still, it annoys me that I can’t just bracket words and just copy/paste a link without having to use the link UI like a peasant. Oh well.

I guess now would be a good time to actually do some writing. Have an essay and an overdue (by my personal calendar) story to edit.


Today’s soundtrack: Jean-Luc Ponty, “Aurora, Pt. I”

So You Think You Can Just Waltz Back In Here?

Looks like LoudTwitter came back yesterday and pumped yesterday’s tweets back out. Thing is, I kinda got used to not having it around. I was warming up to the idea of actually blogging, like now.

It’s like when an ex-girlfriend you know you’re better off without comes back around looking all hot. Now I’m torn. I want to hold her, even though my head is screaming, “You have some goddamn nerve coming back after the way you left!” 🙂

Anyway, LoudTwitter, I need time to think about it. So I’m going to turn it back off for now. But, I have your number.

Law Unto Myself, Part II

I’m seeing all sorts of Twitter users with actually “follow policies.” I understand it, really I do. I get spammers, too. But I haven’t read a follow policy yet that doesn’t seem like so much overkill.

The simple act of telling myself “You are not going to waste time thinking about a Twitter policy” was enough to make my brain start generating ideas. Luckily, I stopped it cold before it could get any further than this.

Don’s Twitter Follow Policy

I will follow you only if: you can at least fool me into thinking you’re (a) not a bot and (b) tweeting about things I could maybe, possibly care about.

I will not follow you if: you really can’t manage both of the simple things I’ve listed above.

I will block you if: I feel like it.

‘Nuff said, isn’t it?

A Rare Chance to Be a Law Unto Myself

Not sure exactly when this started, but Blogger evidently lets you set a message on the comment form for your entries. Mine reads…

No words about civilized commenting behavior. Just a reminder that this blog is here to serve my freedom of speech, not yours!

I reserve the right to arbitrarily wield my moderation power like a child who just found his father’s handgun.

So, whaddya say?

I know, it’s not like I get a ton of comments around here, especially during the long, long period where this site was nothing but reposted tweets. But eventually, something I write will invite comment and when it does, I’ll be waiting with my hand on the button like an FCC agent at an Andrew Dice Clay show.

In the 21st Century Now

I’ve referenced Warren’s Burst Culture post before, which also jammed this firmly into my brain:

The hurdle to credible publishing on the web, now, is the nine dollars it costs to buy a domain name from GoDaddy, which can be mapped on to a free Tumblr or Blogger space.

Well, I shelled out a couple extra bucks to maintain one latex-thin prophylactic against those ready to spam my email and home address, because I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head to go ahead and own…


Tomorrow, the world!

Of course, if you’ve just now clicked without reading ahead to this sentence, you’ve just discovered that it takes you right back here.