“Maltz! Jol yIchu’!”

I spent an evening with a Klingon (not Maltz) and a Sagan!  Actor/writer J.G. Hertzler (aka Klingon General Martok on ST:DS9, and Ithaca resident apparently) and author Nick Sagan (The Idlewild trilogy) spoke at a local Science Cabaret presentation.

It’s a sad picture, I know.  I didn’t have the best vantage point, which was my own fault.  Speaking briefly with Hertzler afterward, he was surprised with the standing-room-only turnout.  I wasn’t.

The main focus was on Star Trek and its reach.  I wasn’t disappointed by any means, but somehow I expected something a touch more than a panel I could find at almost any convention I’ve attended.  Still, Sagan (whom I’ve seen speak before) and Hertzler were very engaging and open.  I got to talk bat’leths with Hertzler afterward, and told him a little bit about the Ithaca thing of people randomly knitting in audiences.

I even managed to sneak in a question during the Q&A!  I mentioned the huge spate of sci-fi TV shows since Trek, none of which had an influence that even came close.  I wondered, both of them being well-versed in sci-fi literature and television, if they had an inkling what a future sci-fi show would have to do to attain that.

They didn’t know.  To be fair, it’s a difficult question; not like I had anything close to an answer.  But as a friend pointed out, “You stumped a Sagan!”