Reading is Fundamental

I’ve had my head up my seekrit nonfiction work-in-progress this week, so most of my reading has been devoted to that.  But, I’ve resolved to make room for the fiction.  I tried to make time for the rest of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 22, but I ended up two stories shy. 

“Vinegar and Brown Paper” by Becca De La Rosa.  I thought this piece was going to be completely predictable, if quirky, until about halfway through.  I love it whenever a story takes me by surprise.  4 out of 5.

“Self Story” by Carol Emshwiller.  You know why they say writers should never write stories about being a writer?  It’s because you won’t write one as good as this. 5 out of 5.

“Snowdrops” by Alex Dally MacFarlane.  Very nice wintry fairy tale.  5 out of 5.

“The Honeymoon Suite” by Jodi Lynn Villers. Great flash fiction piece!  5 out of 5.

“To a Child Who Is Still a FAQ” by Miriam Allred.  A touch too experimental for me.  3 out of 5.

I’m sure I’ll finish the ‘zine this week.  After that, I dunno… maybe some of Ted Chiang’s Stories of Your Life and Others and a bit of Karen Joy Fowler’s What I Didn’t See.