“That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang”

Well, thanks to my sick days, the writing chain was broken.  As you can see from last week’s progress, I’m a couple of days behind.  I’m off to a good start this week, though.  I’ve made some major breakthroughs with my seekrit nonfiction project–in fact, that’s going to be my main focus this week, and next week as well, more than likely.  I don’t want to let the progress I’ve made with my fiction slide, but one deadline is a month before the other.

I have to say that I’m only recently getting over how ticked I am at missing two days of progress, sickness aside.  But all I can do is keep calm and carry on, right?

2 thoughts on ““That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang””

  1. Dude, I hear ya. I had regular progress going on until I hurt my arm and got interrupted by multitudes of PT appointments and other stuff. The interruptions got so tedious that I looked at my husband one morning and growled demonically, "GET OUT." I finished the draft that day 🙂

  2. Dude, I hear you. My writing got bollixed on the weekend, since, y'know, the wife wanted to, like, have conversations and stuff. 🙂

    I'm back on track this week, baby. Let's do this. *fistbump*

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