Hail, Jaws

Shark’s virgin birth stuns scientists | Earth News | Earth | Telegraph

“A female hammerhead shark has given birth without the help of a male, after genetic tests revealed that its baby shark had no paternal DNA.

An international team reports that the shark’s ‘virgin birth’ was down to an unusual method of reproduction known as ‘parthenogenesis’, where an egg starts to divide without being fertilised.”

Mundane-SF Stuff

Mundane-SF: Encyclopedia of Life:

“Recently I got an iPod which now allows me to listen to all kinds of interesting broadcasts from around the world that were previously unaccessed. The aggregator software, the citizen journalism, the interviews with scientists who speak about what they believe in without the need to be filtered through the boring style required of scientific papers — all of this has appeared in the last couple of years as yet another phenomenon never mentioned in an SF story before it happened. Like most aspects of the internet.”