Law Unto Myself, Part II

I’m seeing all sorts of Twitter users with actually “follow policies.” I understand it, really I do. I get spammers, too. But I haven’t read a follow policy yet that doesn’t seem like so much overkill.

The simple act of telling myself “You are not going to waste time thinking about a Twitter policy” was enough to make my brain start generating ideas. Luckily, I stopped it cold before it could get any further than this.

Don’s Twitter Follow Policy

I will follow you only if: you can at least fool me into thinking you’re (a) not a bot and (b) tweeting about things I could maybe, possibly care about.

I will not follow you if: you really can’t manage both of the simple things I’ve listed above.

I will block you if: I feel like it.

‘Nuff said, isn’t it?