#Weeknotes S02 E32

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My cats have turned me into Scarface!

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It’s a small cut, scabbed over by the time I got out of bed (read: the theater of operations for this morning’s feline war games) after it happened and got to the bathroom to see if I needed to do anything about it. It’s certainly not the biggest or most painful scratch the smol furry children have given me. The sudden stampede across my head was more shocking. The mild anxiety after the fact that but for another inch, I’d have been the new Left Eye was more traumatic. No it’s not true trauma, and I don’t say that with some dumb-dumb dismissal of my own pain. But c’mon, I know there’s worse going on out there.

I’m taking all this in when this hits me…

Suffice it to say, I know how Asher feels…

Nothing for it though but catching my breath and hitting it again next week.