#Weeknotes S02 E31

It’s late, I’m tired, and not doing so great. And while I don’t have the urge to crawl into, say, a bottle of any kind, Mazikeen does illustrate my mood perfectly.

I’ve only got a few things on my mind this week.

4 out of 5 days this week, our internet was out so all of my remote work had to be crammed through the tether from my ThinkPad to my cell phone like the dad in A CHRISTMAS STORY with his screwdriver and his plumber’s helper. It was a pain in the ass and I do not recommend it. But it worked and it just brought to mind just how good I still have it in the face of [gestures wildly] all this.

Another year, another Worldcon, huh?

Just Google it because I, like many other BIPOC in SF/F/H just can’t even right now.

I have no idea how I stumbled onto this, but my ears have some new candy now…

Saw the first two episodes and now I’m hooked.