“What is this thing called love?”

I’ve joked before about how I look at my last two publications of 2010, which fall under the umbrella of “weird erotica,” and think to myself, as David Byrne sang, “My God! What have I done?”

Pulling double duty, Harry Markov reviews both of the anthologies in which I’ve appeared recently, and he does so on Valentine’s Day, no less.  Because nothing says Valentine’s Day like zombie sex and tentacle pr0n…

Markov mentions my story “Sublimation” in his review of Rigor Amortis over at Innsmouth Free Press, which he says “…pushes all the right buttons in a lust-filled story about human cruelty and zombies used as sex toys.”

You might argue whether or not “Rigor Amortis fails as zombie erotica,” but the part about how “it succeeds as an examiner of the human heart and the human libido after death”–yes, that!

I didn’t consider this ’til just this second–you’d think my story “The C-Word,” set in Innsmouth, would be somewhere in IFP.  I’m not bothered, though, since Cthulhurotica is mentioned more than a few times there.  Markov does mention it over at Rise Reviews.  I have to say, I agree with him when he says that, “What you, as the reader, must know about “Cthulhurotica” is the anthology’s conviction.  I’ve never read an anthology so sure in its identity, with a such a strong voice or as consistent in its theme.”

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