“…when we made our plans and played the cards the way they fell”

Lest anyone misunderstand my last entry, I wasn’t knocking anyone who does make New Year’s resolutions.  I wasn’t even making a comment on whether or not they were effective or not, for me or for anyone.  I guess it sort of just reflects my view on the holidays and “holiday spirit.”

I’m not a Scrooge who goes “Bah, humbug” at Christmas.  I don’t complain (too much) about Valentine’s Day being a Hallmark Holiday.  And I get warm and fuzzy for Auld Lang Syne.  But basically, I don’t try to treat people or things any differently than I should have been treating them all along, no matter what holiday it is.  Basically, I like enjoying those feelings more than once a year.  I might fail at consistently doing right, but I certainly don’t start acting like Ghandi after Thanksgiving to people whom I might not give the time of day otherwise.

So as far as New Year’s resolutions go, I find that rather than making a list of goals and giving myself arbitrary start and end dates (January 1st to December 31st), only to forget about that list by March, I’d rather do the same planning, executing, (re-)evaluating, rinse-and-repeat that I’ve been doing all along.