“All Afternoon Those Birds Twitter Twit”

  • 08:07 On page 149 of 192 of Break It Down: Stories by Lydia Davis. "The Housemaid" is 7 pgs of multiple layers. 5* #
  • 08:08 I’m #reading Dangerous Laughter: Thirteen Stories by Steven Millhauser – tinyurl.com/rxwbbn #
  • 08:11 Revenge of the Writer, Phase 2 this AM: Go backward thru my backlog of 3 stories that need rewrites & prep for submission. #rotw #wip #
  • 08:13 Today’s Revenge of the Writer playlist: British Blue-Eyed Soul list on Pandora (i.e. music that’s made folks ? my sexual orientation.) #rotw #
  • 08:52 @jdfreivald Love BREAK IT DOWN almost as much as SAMUEL JOHNSON…. I’d seriously consider selling my soul to write like Lydia Davis. #
  • 09:23 Revenge of the Writer Phase 2 progress: 1 story almost done w/line edits & will be the next one out of the gate. #rotw #
  • 10:37 Listened to 2 of my more boring coworkers having a conversation. Talk about the whole being > the sum of its parts! #observations #
  • 11:14 *sigh* Looks like I’ll need to spend my lunch hour hashing out a difference of opinion between me & my student-loan shark. #
  • 11:23 Could be the lingering vestiges of PTSD from last week, ‘cos my hategasm for student-loan sharks seems a bit disproportionate. Or is it? #
  • 11:50 I want to read: McSweeney’s Issue 31 by Dave Eggers – tinyurl.com/qp4pxo #
  • 13:14 To student-loan shark customer service: Ur doin’ it wrong!! HATEgasm!! #
  • 14:29 12 oz of blueberry yogurt: filling and comforting (as I ate at my desk while forcing myself to get a grip). #
  • 15:59 Using Google Calendar to track which markets are open for submission–I didn’t think of this years ago, why?? #
  • 16:21 Grr! Someone’s been hanging around Tina Fey too long, thinking he can be as funny as she is. bit.ly/y1slG #
  • 16:23 Then again, I gotta be honest–I’d LMAO if Tina Fey had said it. #
  • 17:10 Just wanna leave work & get back to my Brit Blue-eyed Soul playlist on Pandora (aka the music that’s made folks ? my sexual orientation). #

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