“All Afternoon Those Birds Twitter Twit”

  • 23:10 Sure it was cheese, but I didn’t mind the end to #LifeOnMars (US) that much. #
  • 08:27 Unfair: adj. Sunny day off work that I’m spending on campus to attend section & office hrs to prep for midterm T-minus 11hrs from now. Bleh. #
  • 08:38 Odyssey Workshop graduates discuss strong openings (novels and stories) odysseyworkshop.livejournal.com/6949.html #
  • 10:22 Want to read: The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash … by Tara L. Masih – tinyurl.com/ckdypq #
  • 10:33 Breaktime’s over. Crunchtime. Like Alec Baldwin said in GLENGARRY, "It’s f**k or walk!" #
  • 11:24 SyllabusFail! I’ll never understand why a problem set needs to be due the day *after* a midterm! Feel like I’m spending too much time on it. #
  • 12:13 T-minus 7.25 hrs to midterm. I’m confident that all the necessary info is in my head. Just need to organize it, now. #
  • 12:38 Hard to study when there’s some sort of angry protest going on outside the building I’m in. #
  • 13:11 Going home for lunch and break. Probably won’t need to come back for prof’s office hrs, in which case, I’ve got *plenty* of time to midterm. #
  • 14:18 Walks from bus stops = walks in the sun, so I can’t complain too much. Studying will resume once leftovers are consumed. #
  • 15:43 T-minus 3.75 hours to midterm. Knocking on every piece of wood I can find :). #
  • 16:02 Gonna head back to campus, hole up with a cup of coffee, and review before Zero Hour! #
  • 18:26 Studying over. Screwing off for the next hour, and then it’s showtime!! #
  • 21:51 Totally punch drunk from the midterm. Definitely didn’t get an A, but I think I did a’ight. Treating myself to diner food as a reward. #
  • 22:41 RT @charlesatan Melanie and Steve Rasnic Tem on “I want to write, but life gets in the way.” tinyurl.com/cmjap9 #

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