“All Afternoon Those Birds Twitter Twit”

  • 07:55 I should’ve slept like a baby last night after the midterm. But I didn’t and for some reason, I feel more stressed than yesterday…? #
  • 08:06 You know, it’s not even the fact that I’ve got to finish a problem set due the day after the midterm. Well, maybe that’s part of it. #
  • 08:29 PTSD is the only explanation for how I’m feeling. Feh. Enuff whining. Gonna listen to the song "Walkin’ on a Thin Line" & move on w/life! 🙂 #
  • 09:17 Problem set done. I’m taking my life back now, thank you very much. Well, after I phone it in at work today. #
  • 11:55 About to do the Bataan Death March to skool. Have 1/2 a mind to skip, but that damn problem set *grumblegrumble* #
  • 14:29 I just feel like hitting life on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper and telling it, "No!" #
  • 16:45 RT @jay_lake #writing io9 on the difference between plot & story… bit.ly/1IVTJw #
  • 18:09 "I’m on a ride and I wanna get off." And I will in a few minutes. ♫ blip.fm/~3sc57 #
  • 19:54 Never fails! When I’m exhausted, everyone wants me to come to their party. O, poor me ;). #

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