Tweets for Today

  • 01:32 Local diner patron, an hour ago: "Drunk people’ll be here in 30-45 minutes." Me and my group: "Yeah, we’re here, now!" #
  • 01:33 Home now, struggling to get to bed, preparing for tomorrow’s hangover after 4 pints + a Manhattan. Maybe I do have Irish in me after all :). #
  • 07:16 Last nite’s carousing has taken its toll. Andromeda Strain has taken me over. Called in to work and didn’t have to fake anything *cough* :(. #
  • 10:35 Listening to my ambient/chillout station on Pandora, trying to figure out what to do with myself during my sickday :(. #
  • 10:36 Surprisingly, not half as hungover as I expected. Must’ve been the 1 am diner food :). #
  • 12:21 @verybigjen I always thought the ending to BLAKE’S 7 would be a tough act to follow. Definitely took LIFE ON MARS to do it! #
  • 14:01 @verybigjen I’m hopeful! Hope being the key word, which is why LoM’s ending beat B7’s, I think. #
  • 14:01 @GigiVernon Yikes! Don’t end up sick like me!! #
  • 14:08 Asked to be in a local film student’s project this weekend. Am afraid I’m going to be like Gina Bellman’s character in LEVERAGE. #
  • 18:48 2.5-hour nap just wasn’t enough. I have, as they say in STAR WARS, a bad feeling about this. #
  • 19:20 Steven Millhauser has jumped my reading queue at a coworker’s suggestion. Impressed, so far. #
  • 22:29 @diablocody Ooh, good for you! I’ve been out of MMA training for 3 years and have lacked the resolve to get back into it. 🙁 #

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