• 07:28 Long day No. 2. Whether I get much writing done this weekend depends on how today goes. Or it should, if I had any common sense :). #
  • 08:34 Miscalculated the time and arrived a lil’ too early for class discussion section. Reviewing last problem set–wondering if it was too easy? #
  • 08:34 Clearly, I *still* haven’t recovered from my late Sunday nite being camera meat :(. #
  • 10:32 Minor errors on the problem set. Forgot about TR(Q) for the monopolist. Yeah, not 100% sure what that means, either. πŸ˜› #
  • 10:33 Tomoyasu Hotei w/@chicagotheband, "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" tinyurl.com/ckusaz My theme of the week. #
  • 11:42 Determined not to miss @FLEFF like I did last year. Poring over schedules, now. #
  • 12:49 All this gray’s making me feel emo. Simple solution: Boston’s "More Than a Feeling" on the mp3 player. β™« blip.fm/~3fsci #
  • 13:01 According to a couple of coworkers, I’m not the only one who felt manic in the sun yesterday, and emo in the gray today :(. #
  • 14:40 Feelin’ good re: the studying plan. So far, as Palpatine said, "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it." #
  • 16:17 Keep waffling back and forth about going to a public reading tonite. I wouldn’t, if I was smart…which is a pretty big "if," I know πŸ˜› #
  • 17:23 Looking at my skoolbooks & decided to do the almost-smart thing. If I’m gonna procrastinate, I’ll do it at home hehe. #
  • 17:57 Reviewing problem sets on the downlow at work…shhhh! #
  • 19:14 Carrot/stick time. If 2 chapters get done tonite/tomorrow, then I’m going to a jazz show tomorrow nite. If not, then the usual 100 lashes. #
  • 20:25 Okay, 2 chapters tonite/tomorrow was just a weeeee bit unrealistic. Almost done with 1 chapter, tho :). #
  • 20:29 RT @MaryRobinette RT @nalohopkinson Clarion South needs help: www.clarionsouth.org/donate.htm #

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