Writer’s Block Procrastination

For three days, I’d been trying to get this section of a story rewritten. For two of those days, I was sick. Still, Gunny brooks no excuses…

The point is that on the morning of day 4, I did in just under forty minutes what I’d been dreading for those three days.

So far, this quote, attributed to comics writer Brian K. Vaughn, bears out in my personal experience…

“Writer’s block” is just another word for video games. If you want to be a writer, get writing, you lazy bastards.

Yes, I didn’t write for two days and I felt stopped by 3/4 of a page of stuff I didn’t like. Yet when I finally sat down–with no more inspiration than I had before, other than the mental image of R. Lee Ermey telling me to get myself squared away–I reworked it to my satisfaction in forty minutes. On the other hand, why does it seem I have to keep learning that lesson, over and over like it’s brand new?

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