Tough Love

I haven’t posted one of these in awhile, mainly because the last session was the only one in the past three or four where I brought anything. December and January were editing months. I’ve been focusing on getting stories polished and off my plate before allowing myself to get too far on new ones.

While I didn’t bring anything this time around, I think that I did some of my best critiquing of other folks’ work this session (and last time, too) if I do say so myself. At least I didn’t hear too many dissenting voices. But that’s not even the important thing–I say this because there’s also a correlating increase in my ability to spot mistakes in my own stories.

The (temporary) downside is that it’s slowed my yet-to-be-cemented rewriting process down.


I’ve got two stories slated to go out this week. A couple of flash things. Fingers crossed.