Thinking Out Loud

Permit me to muse. I’m just going to think out loud about what I’m going to do with this blog (and maybe that blog, too). And what I won’t do…maybe. Probably.

Remember that list of short stories I read every week? It does get a little tedious, since I read so many of them anymore. Maybe I’ll just stick to doing Quick Reviews like I did on Raketenwerfer (which is on hiatus). Because there is, as others have noted after Stephen King’s fueling of the rumors of the death of the short story, a need for stories to be talked about on teh intarweb.

I put reference material on here. I also put reference material on my account. It feels like I’m violating a basic GTD/lifehacking principle if I don’t have a clear reason for maintaining both.

(To say nothing of the archive I keep on Google Bookmarks–although those are in holding and do get processed once in a blue moon.)

I used to keep a bi-weekly Tough Love log of how my latest pieces fared at the crit group I’m part of. Again, a little too tedious anymore. For one, the story I gave them last week was my first in about three meetings, and was a story that I wrote about six months ago. I felt guilty not having brought anything, even though I’ve been on a heavy editing spree lately. Maybe I should just junk it? The posts, not the group. No, the group is still far too valuable to me…

…which brings me to a tangent, which should really be the subject of another entry.
(Note to self: write this entry.)

I’ve been collecting (in two paper journals and one electronic one) my thoughts about the writing process that’s forming the basis of my own process. Do I put them all together and throw them on here?

I’ve been collecting (in the same scattered fashioned) others’ thoughts on the same subject. Consolidate them on here?

What to do, what to do…?