Where the Hell

…is my copy of Raymond Carver’s Cathedral?

Or, do I even have one? I could’ve sworn I bought it some time ago, but I’ve looked through every place in the apartment that I’ve ever set a book and I can’t find it.

Now, I’m actually starting to doubt if I ever had it. But, I put it on my goodreads list, so what the fuck?

EDIT: Now, where the hell is my copy of Chicago X?? I know I bought this one! See, this isn’t funny anymore.

3 thoughts on “Where the Hell”

  1. Hey-I’m missing my copy as well…it’s on an estranged friend’s bookshelf. Maybe she’s got yours, too. That would explain why she referred to her apartment of the final resting place of of ‘Cathdral’…

    I love that book.

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