Admishuns FAIL!

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This sort of shenanigans is why grad school is going to get put off for another year. And when I say, “put off,” I really mean, “put back on my original time-table.” So, the plan is to brush up on some math courses (mostly paid for on the company’s dime) and, if things look good, I should be in. Should be. It’s a gamble–I was never, ever promised a spot in the program of my choice. But as far as gambles go, I think I’ve got a better-than-even shot.

The upside is, of course, I’ve got another year free to write!

Home Alone

I saw The Wife off this morning on her trip to Boston to visit family. So now I’m home alone, looking at all the little things around the apartment crying out to be done: dishes, the cluttered living room, my inbox, my tickler files, the book I’m close to done with. i.e. anything other than finishing the damn story I’m working on right now.

“Take a break,” you might say. “Enjoy the sun! Have a cookout!” Already did those things, though, in small bits and pieces. But you’re right, let’s take a moment on Memorial Day to remember…

All right, I feel motivated now.