When You’re Just Dying to Know

Went to see my folks during the Thanksgiving holiday, went tooling around my old haunts, and came across this.

Slack-jawed, I snapped this pic on my phone. I figured, “Just like this town to have come up with this sort of wrong.” But, this wasn’t some local yokel creation. Oh, no.

In fact, you can run one–“No medical experience required.” (???)

What Do You Say to a Mocha?

“Going down?”

Isn’t it amusing that one can frequent a particular café so much that the baristas actually start calling your name out loud just like Norm on Cheers?

Today, I buy this replacement coffee tumbler to replace one I just lost. It’s the exact same model, which causes one barista to remark, “That’s so Don!” But hey, like Nick Nolte said in Another 48 Hours, unapologetic for buying the same make and model car that got destroyed in the original movie, “I get used to things.”