Currently Reading: Cleveland in 50 Maps

Edited by Dan Crissman
Cartography by Evan Tachovsky & David Wilson
2019, Belt Publishing

I bought this and another book the other day. I’d been meaning to get these for awhile, and I happened to snag myself a discount code by attending a cool online event Belt Publishing put on last week. It’s not a book of simple maps of geographical locations. These are maps of the 216 with narratives–historical, sociodemographic, and speculative–grouped into themes.

Usually, I make myself read a book in order; I’m masochistic that way. But once in awhile I give in to the temptation to skip around. And I’m glad I did because immediately I found maps that resonate with me, just from some of the titles…

  • “Cleveland Metroparks Sized by Visitor Occasions/Sq Foot” — Lot of memories in a couple of those parks!
  • “Car Accidents in 2018” — There are 4 large sections marked that had the most accidents that year. If my memory serves, 3 of those spots are the same as they ever were.
  • “Noise Barriers in Cuyahoga County” — I remember when the I-90 ones weren’t there.
  • “Race & Ethnicity in Cuyahoga County” — I mean, obviously I’m interested in the Asian population.
  • “Great Lakes Brewing Company Distribution Routes” — I’ve been living in upstate New York for about 15 years now. Luckily, in an area along one of the routes! Got’damn, I could go for a Dortmunder Gold about now…
  • “NFL Players from Cuyahoga County” — Pretty sure St. Joes is on the map, even if it isn’t marked like St. Iggy’s, Benny’s, and Cathedral Latin.

Can’t wait to dive into these and the other maps in more detail!

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