“Are you gatherin’ up the tears? Have you had enough of mine?”

My goals for the past Memorial Day weekend are clearly stated in the first two verses of this song.  And got’dammit I needed it because the pace of my life has been breakneck.  Two days back at work, and it almost doesn’t feel like I’ve had a break. 

I had I week where I had meetings on 3 out of the 4 edges of campus.  I’ve “achieved” the level where I have to leave a meeting early just so I can arrive 10 minutes late to my next one.  Where it’s up to me to make executive decisions about which meetings to beg off meetings, or face walks like this.

Hell no.

For these, and other reasons, I’ve been on silent running.  Every day is a battle to reclaim energy to have a high-level of executive functioning the next day.  I’ve time-shifted this entry–I’m sleeping as this goes out.  It’s fine for now.  But my life just hasn’t left me much to talk about on teh social medias on a daily basis without sounding like I’m just aching and moaning.

I am catching up, though.  I’m closer to it than I’ve been in a long time, but not as close as I want to be.  I’ll get there soon.  And then, that’s when the last verse of “Funk 50” will become relevant.