Feeling Very Fuzzy

I really wished the panels “Surrealism and Strong Emotion” (with Caitlyn Kiernan, Michael Cisko, Peter Dubé, and John Lawson) and “Feeling Very Post-Slipstream” (Leah Bobet, Paul DiFilippo, Elizabeth Hand, Chris Brown, and F. Brett Cox) weren’t held as late in the day as they were on Friday.  Hey, them’s the breaks of a con, I know.

“Surrealism and Strong Emotion”
“Feeling Very Post-Slipstream”

I did make it to both panels and as you can see, I have the pictures to prove it.  But they were just a little too heady for me.  I’m not even going to post my notes–they’re too few and make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Plus, I was still a little nervous as the time approached for the Broken Slate release/Crossed Genres reading party.

Hey, I don’t suppose anyone can point me to any write-ups?  I know about one for “Slipstream.”  Anyone do one for “Surrealism?”