Today, Chapter XXXVIII of my life began.

After having survived past the midpoint of a year that’s really been more bad than good so far, I got to spend some time with some good friends, and had a chance to take a good look at some stuff on the horizon that makes me smile…

  • I’m starting a new dayjob on July 15th.  I’m working for the same uni health center, and I’ll still be pushing paper.  But, as I joked to a friend today, I’ll be pushing higher-level paper at a higher pay rate!
  • I just submitted my first piece of fiction for 2011 today.  Given that (a) life has made it very hard to get into fiction-writing lately and (b) most of my writing time has been spent preparing for my presentation at this year’s Rod Serling Conference, I think it’s quite the accomplishment.  It’s like a dam just broke.  Which is good, ‘cos I got a lot more fiction planned for this year.
  • In just 11 days–Readercon, where I’ll get to renew some friendships and revitalize my writing mojo like I did last year.  

Y’know, things may just turn out all right.

5 thoughts on “Chapter XXXVIII”

  1. Congratulations on the birthday, the new and better paying job and the writing.

    Good luck on the submission!

  2. @Berit – Thanks so much! Feels good to be doing what I consider to be some "real" writing again.

    @Regan – I saw that you moved, but you're still in ATL, right? We gotta hang out a bit when I'm there for Dragon*con!

  3. Thanks, Medeia! Congrats on your book launch! You will definitely be added to my reading queue. 🙂

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