“Going the Distance”

I’ve missed a few writing- and reading-progress posts lately.  No excuses.  Just an explanation: Life, quite simply, happened.  There were happy- and not-so-happy things that led to exhaustion, a near-breakdown, and almost total radio- (read: internet) silence. 

I’m a bit better, now.  I’m limping along.  My frustration tolerance is severely fried.  The slightest life setbacks–and there have been at least 2 per day, every day, for the past two weeks now–make me want to curl up into a ball. 

But today, not so much.  Enough is enough.  I’m getting back on the horse.  Gotta go the distance, just like Rocky.  Although I’m doing it to a laid-back Menahan Street Band groove, rather than the full-on Bill Conti one.

I lugged the laptop-formerly-known-as-my-desktop out to the writing spot.  This is the first time in almost three years I haven’t been hunched over a netbook.  I gotta say my back and neck feel better for it.  If I can just get a new battery for this beast (current battery holds absolutely no charge whatsoever), I might try this more often.  The screen is bigger (obviously) and I forgot just how much better the audio sounds.  I mention it only because this machine is helping me do something very important right now, namely get a global view of everything I have to catch up with.  Increased screen real estate makes that so much easier.

My head’s a jumble right now, and having a mess of open text-files, sticky notes, and mind maps is helping me flush that jumble out of my head and into something I can later organize and act on.  Because it’s no use “going the distance” if you don’t even know where you are, let alone where you’re going.

3 thoughts on ““Going the Distance””

  1. I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time. šŸ™ But good for you in taking back what you love to do despite it all!!


  2. Aww buddy sending some hugs, Riesling and and a bubbly muse who promises to keep quiet.

    Try and take it easy!


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