“Their features are changing. Their bodies dissolve, and I am alone”

My current short story in progress is headed (Elder Gods willing) to Cthulhurotica – An Anthology of Lovecraftian Lust, which will be published by Dagan Books.  I worked out its soundtrack, just like I do for most of my stories, to help me figure out which emotional pulses I want to hit in different scenes.

Take a listen:

  • The New Pornographers, “Failsafe”
  • Eleni Mandell, “Bigger Burn”
  • Manic Street Preachers, “Your Love Alone Is Not Enough”
  • Arcade Fire, “Ocean of Noise”
  • Air, “The Word ‘Hurricane'”
  • Cassandra Wilson, “A Little Warm Death”
  • The Blue Nile, “Body and Soul”
  • Genesis, “Domino, Pt. 1 – In the Glow of the Night/Pt. 2 – The Last Domino”

The lyrics to “Domino” are about as Lovecraftian as I’ve ever heard Phil Collins sing, which should be proof that anyone who thought Genesis just plain sucked post-Peter Gabriel wasn’t paying enough attention.

Blood on the windows
Millions of ordinary people are there
They gaze at the scenery
They act as if it is perfectly clear
Take a look at the mountains
Take a look at that beautiful river of blood

The liquid surrounds me
I fight to rise from this river of hell
I stare ’round about me
Children are screaming and playing with bombs
Their features are changing
Their bodies dissolve
And I am alone

-Genesis, “Domino, Part 2”

I suppose the lyrics to “Invisible Touch” could work, too. But then I’m sure I’d lose what little respect you might have for me. 🙂

2 thoughts on ““Their features are changing. Their bodies dissolve, and I am alone””

  1. It kind of makes me wish I'd read Lovecraft, so I could submit to that anthology.

    Is this your new thing now, though? First it's zombie erotica, then Cthulhurotica. What's next? *cough*


    P.S. Really, Blogger? Is my word ver really "fluck?"

  2. Yes, I am distrubed about the direction of my writing, lately. Believe me, I didn't want to write this next story, but the hook that popped into my head was just too good. 🙂

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