“…going back to my old school.”

I never did buy into the whole “shit happens when Mercury is in retrograde” thing, but today I came close. 

Lots of stuff actually did go wrong today, but it started off badly from the jump.  I get up, get out of the house, and make it to my morning writing spot with a good hour and fifteen minutes before work.  And my beloved netbook, which worked fine before I left my place, refused to turn on.  I heard the hard drive doing… something… whenever I hit the power button.  But it just refused to boot up.

This is the point where, in the past, I would’ve gone off in a rage.  Actually, I’m not sure why I didn’t.  Still, I had a few options.  I had a similar problem sometime last year, which I fixed by flashing the BIOS.  I had a “rescue USB” drive with me, but I’d forgotten how to use it.  I could’ve gone back home, gotten online, and looked up how to fix what I thought was the problem–which would’ve eaten up my writing time–or, I could just take it back old school with an ancient method known as “longhand.”  And, that’s what I did.

Because, that’s how writers do it.  With a red-eye and no fucking excuses.

4 thoughts on ““…going back to my old school.””

  1. You didn't shame me, ya punk, ya. I wrote longhand just yesterday. 😛

    And I say screw Mercury too. Er…maybe I should back my stuff up right now, just to be safe. Yeah.

  2. Y'know…I don't usually buy into that either, but oh my gods yes, today has been shit!

    Congratulations on keeping the momentum though!

  3. One thing I forgot to mention–here, anyway–is that I did flash the BIOS when I got to work, and my lil' baby is fully recovered! All's well, &c.

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