Taking the First Step

If I had any brains, I’d just junk my Twitter account now.  Spend enough time on it, and eventually your true self is revealed to all.  Case in point…

Names have been omitted to protect the *snicker* innocent.

Oh, and “wrojo” = “writing mojo.”

Wrojo: I has it. At certain times.

5 thoughts on “Taking the First Step”

  1. Wow, what a cool word! Wish I'd thought of it! 😉

    Yes, Twitter can be very telling indeed. The things we let slip…


    *btw, I love your blog. The Word Verification gave me Ducke. Fav character in Pretty in Pink. Awesome.

  2. You know I can read the name of the "innocent" in that picture, right? Write?

    And, er, yeah. Anyone surfing my Twitterstream is in for some epic strangeness. Good thing it's only being archived by Google for, like, eternity….

  3. @Simon: Not just Google, but the Library of Congress, too. This is probably the only way I'll get into the Library of Congress.

    @averysolo: Amen!

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