“Everybody needs a little time away…” Part II

It’s actually taken a lot for me to realize just how much I needed a break from this year of hell at the dayjob, even after an extra-long long holiday weekend.  My writing suffered.  I’m not talking about how much I haven’t been writing lately, but the fact that I was convinced that somehow I could get it done if I’d just whipped myself a little harder.  But I think I was, literally, beating a dead horse.

So, I went for another day of frolicking in the sun at the annual summer festival, the one time and place in the year when I don’t mind running into coworkers.

And again, the best part is that this batch of photos is ripe with character ideas!  I’ve already begged off critique group tomorrow to go to the festival’s last day.

3 thoughts on ““Everybody needs a little time away…” Part II”

  1. Whoa. That would have to be some festival for me to beg off crit group in favor of it. My crit group's, like, my favorite night in any given one or two month stretch.

    Although, the Philly Beer Week festival started this weekend. That's one I might consider skipping crit group for….

    (I should maybe think about my priorities in life. Maybe.)

  2. I totally understand what you mean! Last week I tried to force out a story, and it just read like mechanical crap. A break was completely in order.

    You know, sometimes you feel really brave when you let up on yourself. It's hard to admit you need a break!

  3. @Simon: I think I was subconsciously looking for an excuse. It was all I could do to beg off because of the Men's Singles final of Roland Garros.

    @Wendy: I still feel a tinge of guilt about it. The Festival was the total opposite of yesterday–it was gray, 20 degrees cooler, and rainy. I was thinking, I should be at crit group. But I was glad for the break in the end.

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