“Signed, sealed, delivered/ I’m yours”

The contract is signed and in the mail, and the editors announced it, and so I will, too. My story “Combat Stress Reaction” will appear in the Gadgets and Artifacts issue of Crossed Genres on June 1st, along with work from Wendy Wagner, Daniel José Older, Michael Underwood, and Timothy Murphy.

I have nine other pieces currently in circulation, so at least I know I won’t be going 0 for 10, whatever else happens.  I just know that it’s been too long since I signed a story contract and now that daddy’s had another taste, daddy wants more!

6 thoughts on ““Signed, sealed, delivered/ I’m yours””

  1. Thank you, sirs!

    Yes, riesling was had. Mind you, I was already drinking a glass and planned to have another before I got the news. But publication definitely made the wine taste better!

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