One Good Turn, &c.

So, I may not be sure exactly where I fit into the whole social-writer-networking thing, but I at least know to return a compliment.  I’m a little late, but let me return a shout-out to Medeia, who gave me The Picasso Award last week.

The idea is to post seven truths about myself and invite others to do the same.  Now, in the interest of bandwidth conservation, I don’t like pressuring people into playing along.  But by all means, any and all comers are welcome to.

So, here goes.  But, caveat emptor: I share the same views on truth as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  1. One of my mutant superpowers is the ability to hum along with the horn lines from any Chicago song on any Chicago album.
  2. If an object can cut a person, I can probably use it effectively as a weapon.
  3. I’m a caffeine abuser. Always have been.  And even though I struggle to moderate my use, I really don’t have any plans to cut it out completely.  
  4. While I like the idea of turning the other cheek, I don’t do it as much as I should. I treat my emotional and verbal battles like physical altercations, i.e. I counterattack while I’m defending myself.  In both cases, that response was developed after years of training.
  5. “Plan Z” (aka “My life plan if all else fails and falls apart”) is to take my trumpet and wander the earth like Caine in Kung-Fu, playing and finding adventure.
  6. It’s been too long since I’ve played a table-top role-playing game.
  7. My writing owes as much to jazz musician Chet Baker as it does to Raymond Carver.

Any questions?

4 thoughts on “One Good Turn, &c.”

  1. Fortunately, wine bottles are one impact away from becoming deadly weapons in your hand. Therefore I recommend always carrying a wine bottle with you lest you are mugged and must cut a fool. This recommendation becomes problematic if there is wine still in the bottle, as then you may be conflicted about breaking it. Best to keep an empty one on hand, then.

  2. Yay for caffeine abuse! Hello, my name is Jamie, and… 😉

    I only have one question – how long did it take you to learn how to spell "caffeine"? I still can't spell it right – have to use spell check. LOL

  3. @Medeia: Thanks again for letting me play. Wow, I didn't realize at first how, um, dour some of those truths sounded. Maybe I'll try this again with some more cheery truths. There are some in my life, believe it or not!

    @Simon: I'd be very conflicted about busting a full wine bottle. I'd probably try to drink it on the spot, and then bust out some drunken kung-fu!

    @Jamie: I've survived almost a week of caffeine stepdown, i.e. normal coffee and tea, vs. coffee + tea + red-eyes + Red Bull.

    What can I say? I have issues. 🙂

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