First Time for Everything

Call it a dry run for 2010, a new year for which I have a whole list of new things to try.

I entered Calista Taylor‘s Steampunk Romance Contest. I’d never even thought about writing a steampunk story before. And the only romance story I ever wrote was one I wrote without even knowing it. But Cali threw down the gauntlet and I picked it up.

My story along with six others have been posted as blind entries. Thus, I can’t tell you which one’s mine until the contest is over. The one with the most votes wins and Calista’s taking them until January 18th at 8 am EST.

2 thoughts on “First Time for Everything”

  1. If you have a second, just peruse Calista's blog archive. You'll have steampunk figured out pretty darn quick. šŸ™‚

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