Tough Love

Yesterday’s biweekly critique group evisceration was more like a knuckle-rapping, since I was only able to bring the very next scene of my WIP, about 750 words long. So, it doesn’t make sense for this entry to be very long :).

For the Win:

  • Did a good job portraying the protagonist’s squeamishness at the DIY operation he was undergoing.
  • Did a good job portraying the sibling relationship between the protag and his sister.


  • A minor plot point that demonstrated my poor understanding of chemistry 🙁
  • A couple of viewpoint errors
  • Still not enough information for the (group) readers’ tastes about what the protag is after. (It was 95% clear to the “tech guy” in our group, but after all, he’s a “tech guy.”)

I should continue with this piece but for today, I’ve got a contest entry to prep :).