Chapter XXXVI

Kinda like last year, I got some of the best presents a writer can get.

My favorite, I have to say, was the one I got for myself–the newest productivity tool. It’s not tech. I finally got the Moleskine Planner cover I wanted from Renaissance Art, which is the most stylish hPDA case you could ever ask for!

Other presents included…

Two vintage Doctor Who novelisations: Earthshock by Ian Marter, published by Target and Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks by Terrance Dicks, published by Pinnacle. The Pinnacle books were the ones with the cool introduction by Harlan Ellison.

Birthday love from family and friends via phone, email, snail-mail, messages in bottles, etc.

And as another present to myself, the opportunity to help the cause of highlighting the work of writers of color. Like me 🙂

Not a bad start, I daresay.