“All Afternoon Those Birds Twitter Twit”

  • 07:35 Day 10 #homealone. Day off work. So WTH am I doing up at this hour? 🙂 #
  • 08:31 RT @drmabuse RT @CollectedMisc AP: Tough times trigger rush to romance novels tinyurl.com/npm4vj #
  • 08:39 I want to read: Monterra’s Deliciosa & Other Tales & by Anna Tambour – tinyurl.com/ngvdmj #
  • 08:57 RT @PasteMagazine Six Gateway Jazz Albums for Rock Elitists tr.im/nM1E #
  • 09:05 Always embarassed to be seen in one coffee shop by an employee of another one I frequent. Feel like I’ve been busted by CHEATERS. #
  • 09:18 On page 190 of 272 of Black Glass: Stories by Karen Joy Fowler. "Lily Red" starts slow but ends up an engrossing character study. 5* #
  • 09:44 "But today the way I play the game has got to change" #lyrics #musicmonday ♫ blip.fm/~7ui0a #
  • 12:03 Immensely enjoying my day off, but it’s time to get stuff done! Rar!! #
  • 15:09 Poking my head up for air from a closet that’s needed to be cleaned out for *years*. I do’wanna go back but I gotta! 🙁 #
  • 16:08 RT @goodreads Great article by a Goodreads Author: "Using Goodreads Effectively to Promote Your Books" bit.ly/Dtrjb #
  • 19:26 Low Hanging Content (Are You Working Too Hard To Find Material When It’s Right In Front of Your Face?) bit.ly/bEZ4K #
  • 22:42 Switched up the template a bit on the website. Looks kinda Tumblr-ish, now. www.warmfuzzyfreudianslippers.com #

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