“Summer… it turns me upside down”

I tell you, this is the fucking life… 🙂

At this point, some of you are thinking, “Don’s account must’ve been hacked!” Understandable. I’m usually a cave-dweller. Even moreso when I’m writing. But today’s just too nice, not just because it’s warm and sunny but because this is the first time in a long time that I’m welcoming a summer with open arms.

Once upon a time, a summer day was like any other day. Warmer, sunnier, with a lighter workload at the day job, perhaps, but in general, nothing to write home about. Life to live and things to write. But not this year. The past two semesters of work, school, and writing sort of took its toll, and that’s just with one class a semester! I fell back into habits I thought I left behind when I worked case-management–I’m still recovering, physically and psychically.

Still, I’m not bitching. I’m just saying that for the first time in a long time, I can appreciate having a time when it feels like a significant load has been taken off my shoulders for awhile. It’s like I’ve been running a marathon carrying 30 lbs. in a backpack. But now, the weight’s off, and while I definitely stronger for it, I’m glad I can coast for just a little while.