“All Afternoon Those Birds Twitter Twit”

  • 07:37 Gonna be my last long day. Last discussion section for skool. Sooo tempted to skip. But I’ll be a good boy. #
  • 07:39 Determined to finish 3 flash pieces for crit group. 1’s done, 1’s in progress. Stressing over what 3rd is gonna be. #wip #
  • 08:02 Scored the CD w/this performance of "Heaven Help Us All" by Grady Nichols w/vox by Bill Champlin! tinyurl.com/dn7ryw #
  • 08:03 RT @Abyss_Apex Gearing Up: @Abyss_Apex opens to short story and flash submissions May 1. Not beforehand please. #
  • 11:29 Someone forced me to use my old case-manager voice on them. Hence, I won in the end. Yeah, that’s right. #
  • 11:44 Been that kinda day = & it’s not even 1/2 over. Need to listen to "Heaven Help Us All" again. tinyurl.com/dn7ryw #
  • 12:54 Think today’s confrontation has temporarily drained my writing mojo. We’ll find out at lunch…. #
  • 13:54 RT @ithacarts Grass Roots Festival Band List Posted! Sharon Jones [etc…hers was the only name I needed to see!] tinyurl.com/cuyad5 #
  • 14:01 Yup, no lunchtime writing mojo. Luckily, this AM’s work is on the flash drive, so who knows…? #wip #
  • 16:36 nnnNNNNGGG! #
  • 16:54 RT @johnjosephadams tip:Don’t quote previous rejection letters.This points out story’s flaws, tells market it’s 5th on sub totem pole. #
  • 17:40 Hategasm from my workday starting to subside. #
  • 19:27 Good news: writing mojo back. Bad news: 500-wd flash up to 615 wds. Worse news: plot’s going haywire. #wip #

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