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  • 07:46 On page 82 of 192 of Break It Down: Stories by Lydia Davis. "In a House Besieged" is 7 dense sentences that begs 2-3 rereads. 5* #
  • 07:47 On page 84 of 192 of Break It Down: Stories by Lydia Davis. "A Visit to Her Husband" is Carver-esque in its subject matter. 5* #
  • 07:49 It’s not even 8 AM–can’t I go anywhere in this town before 8 AM and *not* run into a coworker?? #
  • 07:51 Critique processing playlist: CHICAGO XXXII: STONE OF SISYPHUS #
  • 07:52 "A dream is make believe until/ Blood, sweat & tears turn faith to will/ It’s gonna take some miracle, man/ To show there’s a way" #lyrics #
  • 08:12 Hm. I wrote flashes last week. Just heard about this contest w/@fantasymagazine. Fate? tinyurl.com/cueqja (via @charlesatan) #
  • 08:39 Sunday’s crit-group crucifixion session summary posted: tinyurl.com/d4gv78 #
  • 09:12 On my camera-meat debut last nite: tinyurl.com/c5ccas (I should use my blog more often, no?) #
  • 10:58 No class this week, so I get full lunch hours! I’m almost tempted to *eat* rather than study for the final. T-minus 9 days. #
  • 11:43 RT @warrenellis @menianoon Advice on breaking into comics? 1) Google is your friend. 2) Don’t do it. You will die angry and colostomised. #
  • 12:06 Might go back here for lunch since there’s no drunken-student-zombie apocalypse to navigate thru. www.nygreencafe.com/main/index.php #
  • 12:10 "I used to cry/ For the lost/ Until I had to turn away/ Then I looked inside/ Past the fool/ And found some deeper words to say." #lyrics #
  • 12:13 "What Is Microfiction" debate at FRiGG www.friggmagazine.com/issuetwentyfour/poemsstories/fiction/whatismicro/whatismicro.htm #
  • 13:38 RT @ strikethru The White House Flickr stream is really fascinating: tinyurl.com/cxdksz #
  • 13:39 No, I’m not studying right now. Decided to enjoy my first Monday lunch hour in God knows how long :). #
  • 13:42 Any place that plays the song "Sticks" by Cannonball Adderley while I eat lunch is a cool place. www.nygreencafe.com/main/index.php #
  • 16:26 Work CD player is apparently a hole in time between the present and 1985. #
  • 16:45 I like AOR as much as anyone, but I just don’t need Air Supply on the work CD player right now. Now, where’s my copy of CHICAGO 17…? #
  • 17:21 Not a rough day, really–certainly nothing like Friday. Feels like the weekend never happened, tho :(. #
  • 18:25 If I was smart, I’d head straight home, directly to my desk where my skoolbooks are waiting. But motivation & energy are soooo < 0. #
  • 19:53 Clearly, I’m not smart. #
  • 20:44 Poring thru Creative Commons images for flash fic contest entry. Counts as "writing," right? #wip #

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