Tweets for Today

  • 07:18 Um…some tweets disappeared, including my writing progress from last night (200 wds)!! WTF? #
  • 08:15 Writing motivation at near-zero this morning. I’d really rather just screw off, but I’ve got the file open, trying to be a good boy 🙂 #
  • 08:17 Writing playlist: a Robert Lamm mix #
  • 09:14 200+ more words this AM. I’ve already reached the "marking time" point of the 1st draft. Time to stop rambling and make something happen!! #
  • 09:21 Holy crap–I think I just brainstormed a title! Titles are usually the last things I come up with. #
  • 09:33 +150 words of notes. I really need to stop and take a break before work. Funny what you can get done w/7 hrs. of sleep 🙂 #
  • 11:29 Can’t believe how many people are cracking up on the *3rd week of classes*!!! #
  • 12:49 Thinking of just reading for lunch today. Better yet, how ’bout just eating lunch and relaxing for once? Naaahh. #
  • 13:36 Not writing or studying right now. So this is what it used to feel like… 🙂 #
  • 15:56 I’m so tired, I think I might possibly be dead in my office chair & it’s just the last bits of electical energy in my brain letting me type. #
  • 17:39 test–they say betwittered works again…? #
  • 17:39 Woohoo! #
  • 19:32 Car is repaired. Have a maxed-out credit card and a redundant key to show for it :(. #
  • 19:55 I was gonna focus on skoolwork, honest. But I got some story crits emailed to me…can’t…resist! #
  • 22:30 DOCTOR WHO namecheck on LEVERAGE again!! #
  • 22:45 @GailSimone I have a dream, True Believers! #

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