Tweets for Today

  • 08:04 – This was responsible for the last nite’s tweets. Well, this, the 3 I had after, and multiple Jameson’s shots. #
  • 08:09 @noells Yes, that was VIII. Decent songs on that album, but it didn’t have much of a direction. #
  • 08:10 "the last nite’s tweets???" Oh yes, I write, by the way! *headdesk* #
  • 08:43 Today’s agenda: breakfast, comic show, writing (x10). #
  • 13:38 Comic show was a bust, plus I forgot my allergy meds. Out in the fresh air, watching the crowds walk by and listening to the Dylan wannabes. #
  • 13:40 Dylan wannabe making blood trickle out of my ears. Where’s last nite’s King Crimson-playing according player when you need him? #
  • 14:25 – It was a CRIME for this to be languishing on an outdoor $1 rack, so I rescued it! #
  • 14:30 @GigiVernon Woohoo! Enjoy the weather–it’s *gorgeous*! #
  • 14:46 Scenes from a temporary February thaw #
  • 17:22 Wow, I really have just dicked around the entire day. I should do something pronto, before I get used to this. #

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