Tweets for Today

  • 07:47 3 days to Cassandra Wilson!! ♫ #
  • 07:48 It’s official. I’m ill. Cough and sore throat. Great. I’ve already called in. #
  • 07:48 Can’t call in to the midterm, though… 🙁 #
  • 12:03 "I got a fever of 103"–well, maybe not that high. Just gotta tough it out, though. ♫ #
  • 12:20 Think I’m gonna get some chinese food for lunch (plus fortune cookie), then study…"in bed." #
  • 13:04 Fortune cookie says, "Be concerned, not obsessed, with your health." Apropos. Oh…"in bed." #
  • 13:04 I’m fed. I’m medicated. Will see how far I can get w/out being caffeinated (further). #
  • 16:07 Took a little nap. Now, back to it. T-minus 3.5 hours to midterm! (It’s all review from here.) #
  • 17:27 T-minus 2 hours ’til midterm. I’m as prepared as I’m gonna be! Wish I didn’t feel so drowsy, though :(. #
  • 17:28 I should eat, but my appetite is at absolute zero. #
  • 21:34 I’m not saying I aced the midterm. I’m saying that if I didn’t do MUCH better than last time, I should give my current degrees back! #
  • 21:36 Of course, now that I’m done, the last bit of willpower keeping my disease in check is all gone. #

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