Saturday Brain Dump

Basically because I’m procrastinating, plus I couldn’t believe I came here today to find nothing on my site but reposted tweets, I needed some constructive filler.

I’m a big believer in Brian K. Vaughn’s view on writer’s block (“Writer’s block” is just another word for video games. If you want to be a writer, get writing, you lazy bastards.), but as a corollary, I believe that sometimes writer’s block is a way of telling you that there’s too much on your mind and that you need a core dump.

I’m not making excuses, but this has been a busy fall, between getting my academic feet wet again for the first time in a decade, family issues, and the physical/emotional perils of the writing life. I’m getting by, but at this point I feel like all I’m good for is waiting for the clock to run out on the rest of the year. It’s not necessarily a bad feeling, either.

I’ve been spending time deleting things, starting with crap I’m accumulating online, and finally perusing the crap taking up space on my hard drive. I freed up a few GB of space just this morning by deleting whole albums I don’t listen to anymore. There was just no reason for Neko Case’s entire catalog to be sitting on my hard drive for a year.

Still waiting to hear re: a bunch of October story submissions. Got one rejection back the other day and just haven’t had the time to figure out where to re-submit it.

Most of my reposted tweets lately have to do with this bastard of a story I’m writing. The story before it came out so easily, and with this one, I’m pulling teeth. Lesson learned: sometimes (some folks will say most times), you just have to construct a story.

I’m a long ways off from my goal of drafting a story a week. But my writing/editing output has never been more regular. I’d like to see more finished product for 2009.

That’s all for now, I think. Time to find something else to procrastinate over write.