Tweets for Today

  • 07:18 Hallelujah, I slept thru the nite! Hit the snooze bar 8 times, tho. #
  • 07:20 One more skool day, then it’s back to the current MS! Oh, who am I kidding? It’s coming out after lunch. #
  • 07:24 Leftover pasta and Italian sausage for breakfast–why not? đŸ™‚ #
  • 09:35 Is it me, or is the office swill loosely referred to as "coffee" stronger than usual? Not that I’m complaining… #
  • 12:46 If I didn’t do so hot on today’s quiz, it’s only because I second-guessed myself. Again. Story ‘o my life. #
  • 12:47 On the upside, the MS is coming along :). #
  • 13:33 A certain SFF market reports, "202 stories rec’d, 128 rejected." Two of those rejects are mine! I got a 3rd piece in. Waiting for rejection. #
  • 18:07 Facing potentially sad medical news about a family member. No Dx confirmation from any Docs (aka Guessers in White Coats) yet. #
  • 18:13 I’m now reminded that I’m overdue for a physical… #

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