Tweets for Today

  • 07:16 Weekend writing agenda is set. Now to figure out which coffee shops to grace with my presence. #
  • 07:18 Rough week. "I had everything thrown at me that the judge and jury could hurl." ♫ #
  • 11:06 MS is in the "fine-tuning" stage. Progress was slow, because I still suck at rewriting quickly. #
  • 11:20 Best article on Fantasy vs. Magical Realism that I’ve read thus far (not that I agree with every word): #
  • 12:43 Sitting in the eye of the hurricane here at the Diamond Mines. #
  • 14:27 Frustrated with the MS at lunch, so I read another heartwrenching Carol Emshwiller story instead. She’s really good at those. #
  • 16:49 Praying my USB drive is virus-free. #
  • 16:56 I am officially OUT of the eye of the hurricane here at the Diamond Mines… 🙁 #
  • 17:53 Test post from Google/BeTwittered. Because why not eliminate the 2 xtra mouse clicks it takes to get here? #
  • 19:48 Late nite at work, but not so bad. On the upside: looks like my USB drive is clean!! #
  • 19:52 Staring blankly at the MS. I doubt even caffeine would help at this point. #

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