This WILL Be Mine!

I so fucking want this…

Can you blame me…?

The TARDIS has two doors, which open inward as they do in the series. Inside, we see a printed backdrop to indicate the interior and the central control console. When it’s opened, an interior light shines down on the floor.

The doors snap firmly into place when opened. To close them, you pull the left door closed first, then push a button inset into the floor (nicely disguised on the brick-tile floor), which snaps the other door shut. The phone panel on the left door snaps open to reveal the old-time telephone.

When you lift the TARDIS, a button on the bottom triggers the dematerialization/takeoff sound, which is accompanied by flashing police light. The interior lights remain on (and can be seen through the frosted windows and the police box panels at the top) during motion. There are three dematerialization sounds, slow, fast and emergency takeoff.

Two materialization sounds can play when the TARDIS lands, triggered by the same button being pressed.

Shaking the TARDIS side to side triggers two “turbulent flight” sounds.

An interesting feature caught my eye on the bottom of the TARDIS: a small, rotating plastic divot. I wondered what it could be for (before reading the instructions). It fits a finger, which allows you to support the TARDIS with one finger while spinning the TARDIS by its top-mounted police light. You can rotate this thing pretty fast, and while you do so, it plays the spinning vortex sound effect.